The Human Factor




Passion, positivity, perseverance and a clear sense of purpose are a few of the characteristics you’ll need to set-up and continue to run a business.  Not everyone is cut out for it.  The commitment needed can involve a complete shake-up of way you are currently living your life.  The rewards can be enormous but so can the demands on yourself, your partner and family members.  Running a business can create a lifestyle where you are in control of your destiny and flourish.

Here’s twenty questions that will indicate whether you can meet the challenges ahead straight away, whether you need to work on several areas or if you need to either gain more experience or include another person or persons in your plans to create an rounded bank of talent to be successful.  I guess you already know your areas of strength.  It is addressing areas of weakness that may be the difference between success and failure.

1.  Are you a confident and optimistic person?

2. Do you have a strong desire for success?

3. Do you stick at it to get results ?

4. Do you enjoy making decisions?

5. Are you willing to wait for success?

6. Do you enjoy putting your ideas across?

7. Do you ask for advice from others?

8. Are you prepared to learn new skills?

9. Are you prepared to change your lifestyle?

10. Are you willing to make sacrifices?

11. Do you have the support of your family?

12. Do you like being in control?

13. Do you enjoy your ideas coming to life?

14. Do you learn from mistakes and setbacks?

15. Do you have an inner dynamo?

16. Can you cope with increased stress?

17. Are you prepared to take risks?

18. Can you work on your own?

19. Can you delegate work to others?

20. Are you a realist?

For each question score yourself a maximum total of three points, if you answer YES.  Score two points if you answer USUALLY and one point if you answer NO.

If you score between a total of between 50 and 60 points you are in a strong position to drive the venture forward.  Between 39 and 49 points this is a good performance but you may need specialist outside help in a particular area or bring another person into the business to complement your skills.  If you’ve scored 28-38 points a way ahead could be to gain knowledge and practical experience from working in the market area that interests you.  Up to 28 points you could benefit from upgrading your business management skills and experience.  Getting a part time job in your chosen area is a way to determine whether it is right for you.

Whatever total you’ve scored, there are many way to get into business.  As you will be the venture’s greatest asset and the driving force it makes sense to be prepared on a personal level as well as preparing and creating your business model.  Appreciate your role as the businesses greatest asset. Nurture and protect this primary asset.