Pre Start-Up Business – Get it Right BEFORE you Start

If only. These are the two words you’ll hear when someone has failed to properly prepare for starting a business.  Many reasons for business failure could be avoided ‘if only’ they had planned and prepared beforehand.  It’s natural to want to rush ahead with a supposedly brilliant idea only to realise that they were the only person in the world who thought it was brilliant.  The expected rush of sales did not happen because they had not researched the market, gained reassurance that there was a big enough demand for their product or that they had drastically miscalculated costs.

The fact is that many of mistakes people make when launching a new business could be avoided before they’d even started.

Pre Start-Up is the most valuable time to get your ideas and most importantly yourself ready for the demands and rewards of running a business.  With the internet at our fingertips and a massive reservoir of advice available it is possible to shape your business plans BEFORE you open a bank account, or appoint an accountant, or decide what kind of legal identity you want for your business, and most importantly, before you put your hand in your pocket to invest in a venture that is doomed to fail.

OK, less of the doom and gloom.  Let’s talk about creating success.  First, don’t think you have to immediately spend serious money on stock or premises or anything really.  There are many ways to begin and many ways to progressively build a business base. Fundamentally, it is the quality and inventiveness of the essential business idea that is crucial.  This may stem from a unique invention or you may see a way to improve an existing product or service, to apply your own twist that fulfils a need.

Take it at your own pace, research the market and learn from what other people – who have probably started just like you – have done and listen to their shared wisdom.  A friend of mine said that his secret of success was to do three things: listen, listen and listen.  He then applied his brain to this pool of experience to develop his own approach with great results.

The message from this first blog is to take control of your destiny by taking the time, this special time; free of pressure and stress, to quietly shape your future destiny. Look at this invaluable time as one in which you laid down your plan for success and whatever you do:

Don’t Look Back in Anguish.